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About Buildings and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee (BAG) manages the care of and improvements to the property owned by UUCC. Join the workdays and special work crews. With a wide variety of things to be done, from cleaning and raking, to painting and repairing, from providing refreshments for work crews, be part of making our facilities reflect our enthusiasm for our community and our faith.  

The Responsibilities and Activities of the Buildings and Grounds Committee are:

  1. Develop and implement a program of routine and preventive maintenance for Church property and grounds; currently at 69 and 71 Winthrop Street and 6 Summer Street in Augusta
  2. Submit a report to the Board in September that outlines any major repairs or improvements recommended and includes a program for routine maintenance.
  3. Solicit bids with contractors or businesses for work necessary to maintain Church property and equipment, as specified in the annual plan and the safety and building access policies. In the case of bids likely to be over $1000, the Committee must receive Board approval before soliciting bids.  The Board must approve any contract over $1000.
  4. Implement UUCC policies on safety, security and accessibility.
  5. Designate one member to be contacted when an emergency situation on one of the Church properties requires immediate attention. This person will respond to the emergency, consulting as necessary, and contact appropriate services to stabilize or fix the immediate situation. This person will promptly report any and all actions taken to the chair of the BAG, who will also report to the board as soon as practicable.  The BAG will maintain a list of preferred services / businesses to be called, and provide a copy for the church office.
  6. Arrange for snow removal and grass cutting, and carry out other routine grounds work
  7. Annually solicit bids or prices for heating oil for all church buildings and purchase oil as provided by the annual budget. If a pre-buy is recommended, consult with the Treasurer and Board Chair to provide the necessary cash flow.

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Meeting Information

Meeting Information

Second Saturdays with Buildings and Grounds: This hands on work of caring for our facilities is a great way to meet new people while painting a wall or raking the leaves. Look for announcements of times and types of activities being planned.