A. Requesting Administrative support

The Office Administrator works a total of 24 hours per week.  Saturday duties are primarily focused on Sunday service.  The third and fourth week of the month is primarily focused on the newsletter and monthly website update.  Monday morning duties are primarily focused on processing the checks and offering, making the weekly deposit, picking up mail, and catching up on the week’s emails.  Please take these time sensitive responsibilities into consideration when making a request. 

This demanding schedule leaves little extra time for administrative support to committees.  However there are times when such a request is quite appropriate.  To limit and screen the demands, all requests for administrative support should go through the minister.  The minister has a clear sense of other tasks in the pipeline that may have a higher or lesser priority.  Please make requests via an email or phone call to the minister.

B. Requesting a Special Events Sexton

The church contracts with a cleaning company for weekly cleaning of the three buildings.  The cleaning crew cleans all three buildings on Sunday evenings and the church and Drew House on Friday evening. 

A line item in the budget allows for contracting with a sexton 4-6 times per year for clean up after special functions.  A special events sexton is appropriate when heavy building use requires an additional cleaning.  These may include, but are not limited to, memorial services or Saturday evening events. 

To request a sexton for a special event, please complete the sexton request form (See Appendix A) and submit to the Office Administrator and the Minister. 

C. Scheduling meeting space for church groups and committees

The Office Administrator oversees the building use by church groups and outside renters. A master calendar of meetings and events is maintained by the Administrator to insure accurate room availability when requests are made.

  • Rental requests for church groups are made by phone, email or via the website calendar at
  • Administrator checks availability of room for date and time requested.
  • Verification is then made with group and recorded in the master calendar.
  • Additional time for set up and clean up is incorporated into the time the room is reserved.  

D. Securing a rental space for outside groups

  • Rental requests from outside groups are usually received by phone. Occasionally requests are received by email.
  • Room Rental Agreement/Request for Payment form is emailed or snail-mailed to person or group requesting the rental. A copy is made for the office. This form serves as both contract and bill for the rental. (See Appendix B)
  • Rental rates and responsibilities of the renters are discussed.  
  • Payment is due prior to event.  Payment is recorded on deposit spreadsheet as rental income.
  • Group information, time and location of event are recorded on master calendar.
  • Arrangements for keys are made in advance should the event be held during non-business hours. A “renters” key is given with “do’s and don’ts” list attached to key. Notation of key when given and returned is made on Rental Agreement.
  • Key may be left in Summer Street mailbox when event is over.
  • Renters are allowed to use coffee pots, stove, microwave and refrigerator. Renters must clean up everything when done. Renters are not allowed to use the china.  Renters are asked to supply their own refreshments. This includes coffee, tea, sweeteners and cream.
  • There is no charge for the Northern New England District (NNED) to use the room, or for internal church group events.
  • The Minister will make decisions to reduce or wave any or all rental fees, upon request.

E. Mailboxes – Staff, committee, church

  • Staff mail boxes are located in the church office, 71 Winthrop Street.
  • President and Treasurer mail boxes are located in the church office, 71 Winthrop Street
  • Committee mail boxes are located in the committee room in the church building, 69 Winthrop Street. 
  • A General mail box/basket is located in the committee room in the church building, 69 Winthrop Street.  Mail to be delivered to staff, members or friends may be dropped off and the Office Administrator will pick up on Monday and deliver to appropriate boxes.
  • Items to be picked up by members and friends may also be placed in the general mail box/basket.  Please inform people when you leave something to be picked up.
  • All staff, leaders and committee chairs should remember to check boxes occasionally.  These boxes are not intended to be storage spaces.  Please let the Office Administrator know if you would like an additional storage space for your committee supplies. 

F. Lost and Found

A lost and found basket is located in the coat room at the church, 69 Winthrop Street.  Items not claimed are donated to Addie’s Attic at St. Marks. 

G. Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited on the premises of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church.

H. Administrative Policies on Personal Information and Privacy

(Adopted by Board 12/10/12)

Unitarian Universalist Community Church understands and respects the importance of keeping personal information regarding members and friends of the congregation private.  Personal information includes anything that can be used to identify an individual, such as photos, names, postal and email address, phone numbers, personal facebook and web pages.  To this end the following policies have been developed to protect personal information.

1. Policy on use of membership and friend information

Visitors, friends and members have several opportunities to share their personal information with UUCC.  Personal information is collected when an individual,

  • signs the guest book or fills out a guest card.
  • signs the membership book and membership materials.
  • registers children in the Religious Exploration program.
  • participates in Small Group Ministry.
  • ‘friends’ the minister’s facebook page.
  • ‘likes’ the UUCC facebook page.
  • makes a donation to UUCC.
  • enters into a contractual relationship with UUCC.

When individuals provide personal information, it is understood that this information will be shared on a limited and restricted basis with members and friends of UUCC for internal purposes through the UUCC Member and Friend Directory and with church leadership through membership info (church membership database).  UUCC is committed to protecting your personal information.  We do our best to maintain appropriate security both in our technology and in our physical records.  We limit access to your information to those individuals necessary.  

Information conferred through the guestbook is signed publicly and remains accessible to other guests. 

Guest cards provide more privacy as cards are not public documents.  Guest cards are stored in the administrator’s office. 

Privacy level of facebook users is the responsibility of the user.   

Information provided through the membership process and through children’s registration is kept on the church database with access limited to those individuals necessary for providing you with the services conferred with church membership or as a friend of the church.

UUCC does not share your information with third parties with one exception.  Upon signing the membership book, membership is also conferred to the Unitarian Universalists Association (UUA) and the Northern New England District (NNED) and personal information is added to the churches membership list at data services for the UUA. 

To change personal information or withdraw consent, please email

2. Guidelines for UUCC communications with personal information

Newsletter articles and event information are communicated via:

  • a weekly insert in the Order of Service
  • a mid-week all-church email
  • a monthly newsletter and
  • on the UUCC website and facebook page. 

When submitting articles the author may choose to include their personal information.  No personal information will be used without expressed permission.  Personal information submitted by a second party will not be included unless the second party has provided consent written or emailed consent.

Please note: Articles submitted for one of the above mentioned communication venues may also be used in other printed and electronic communications.   Submitting an article with personal information included is considered consent for all communications previously noted.  

3. Email list guidelines

The Unitarian Universalist Community church office keeps an email list of members and friends who have made their email addresses available. While email lists make available a valuable tool for communication and community building, the ease of use makes it easy to overuse. The church email list should provide important and timely congregational information to our members and friends. The list should not be used for communications of limited interest or with such frequency that members and friends stop reading it.

The email list is used for the following purposes:

  • communications between members, friends, staff and minister
  • weekly all-church updates
  • monthly electronic newsletters

The following are proposed guidelines that are suggested to keep the use of the UUCC email list effective and appropriate:

When email includes large groups or the entire congregation the use of   ‘bcc’ will be standard practice.

  • The weekly all church email will include announcements regarding upcoming church sponsored events only.  To help encourage readers, weekly updates will only include items of significance for the upcoming week.   
  • The UUCC email list is to be used for communicating congregational announcements or events of general interest to the congregation.
  • In most instances, the email list is not to be used for District, UUA or community announcements of limited interest.
  • The UUCC email list is not an appropriate venue for personal announcements, personal appeals, personal reflections or editorials.  Exception to this guideline includes announcements regarding death, birth or rites of passage of members and friends.  Such announcements will not be made without expressed consent.  Permission is never assumed. 
  • In most instances, the email list should not be used for appeals for money or fundraising, except at the direction of the board.
  • Members and friends are encouraged to make appropriate uses of the many avenues of communication in the congregation, including the newsletter, the website, bulletin boards and weekly order of service announcements, and to reserve the church email list for the timely announcements of general interest to which the list is best suited.
  • The church email list will not be given to individuals or organizations for non-church use.
  • Email communications are not the ideal venue to engage in process.  It is easy to misread tone and intention.  It is easy to be misunderstood.  Therefore email communications will help to facilitate communications, but will not be a substitute for discussions and decision making.

4. Guidelines for UUCC Electronic Newsletters

An electronic version of UUCC’s newsletter can exist as:

  • An email attachment
  • As attachments sent to known subscribers
  • In the form of a web-page link from the church’s homepage

The guidelines from each version are different.

5. Guidelines for putting church newsletter on the Web: 

Unlike the email newsletter, which, like the printed version, is sent to selected groups of people like members, friends and other UUs, the web newsletter is accessible to the entire world and open to scrutiny from all. For this reason, it is often inappropriate to put certain sensitive information there.

It is advisable that an editor goes through the content of the newsletter with an eye toward protecting the privacy of those served by the congregation. The following guidelines relate to privacy issues:

  • No names or identifying information of minors will be published
  • Church phone numbers, addresses or emails for staff will be published. Only professional information will be published unless otherwise requested by staff and minister.
  • Phone numbers and email addresses of congregants and contact persons for special events of interest groups may be published with their permission.  Submission of information with content to the office administrator is understood to be permission.

When making a decision about what to post on the web, ask the question: “Who is the intended audience?” Besides offering a convenient option for people who already receive the printed or email version of your newsletter, is it the aim of a web newsletter to attract visitors to the church?

6. Guidelines for sending email versions of the newsletter:

  • There need not be any difference in the content between the printed and email version
  • Since the content is unchanged, an email version may replace a printed version at the subscriber’s request.
  • If attachment is preferred, consider sending as an RTF (rich text format) file, or, as a PDF (portable date format) file, which can overcome the compatibility problem without compromising the formatting. PDF attachment is preferred.

7. Guidelines for use of photos

Prior to posting of photographic images (child, youth or adult) in the church buildings, on church literature, website or facebook page, UUCC will obtain written consent.  This consent will be obtained during the membership process or registration in the Religious Exploration program using the designated form – Member and Guest Consent Form in the Operations Manual.  This consent may be withdrawn at anytime without explanation.  No personal information will be included with the photo without permission. 

The following guidelines will be used when posting photos:

  • Photo’s of church events with no identifiable images do not require consent to be displayed.
  • Photos of public events do not require consent to be displayed.  Public events for the purpose of postings include events in the wider Augusta and Maine community.
  • Photos of church staff do not require consent to be displayed unless express withdrawal of consent has been made. 
  • The submission of a personal photo to the webmaster or office administrator will be considered consent to publish.  Photographs with several people will not be published without consent of each person.  Photographs obtained through local media or a professional photographer will be subject to consent before photographer is able to post. To withdraw consent, please email

8. Guidelines for videotaping events at UUCC

When videotaping an event sponsored or organized by UUCC, an announcement is required prior to the start of the videotaping.  This may include posting signs and adding a note in the order of service and must include a verbal announcement.  Optional seating to stay out of the video must be made available. 

9. Website Policy

The UUCC Website has two primary functions:

  • Inviting people who are searching for information about Unitarian Universalism in the Augusta area to come and see who we are and what we have to offer.
  • Providing a communication network for people who are already involved with UUCC.

The information on this website is written by those involved with the respective programs and committees, and/or taken from UUCC publications, including the Program Book and the this manual; and files.

Following privacy and Safe Congregation practices,

  • Contact information may be used only when an individual’s permission is obtained. The exception is for UUCC staff, where name, e-mail and phone number may be listed.  Sending an article or announcement with personal information included will be considered consent. 
  • Personal information submitted by a second party will not be included unless the second party has provided written or emailed consent.
  •   Additional contact information may be available in the Church Directory for members and active friends. Request for that information can also be made through and will be forwarded to the individual.
  • Photos of activities involving people, will not include identifying information, unless permission is specifically given by the person.

For a more complete policy regarding identification of individuals and use of pictures see the accompanying sections for administrative policies.

Contact Information: The Website Committee can be contacted through or

10. Facebook Policy

Unitarian Universalist Community Church understands and respects the importance of keeping up with advancing technology in communication including social media.  To this end the following practices and policy have been adopted to guide UUCC Facebook users. 

Minister and staff members who open a professional page will be required to follow the practices and policies outlined below. The Minister and staff will be responsible for managing their professional Facebook page according to the guidelines stated below.

The following disclaimer will be posted on the UUCC Facebook page:

About this page:

“The UUCC welcomes all people to contribute to conversations on this page and to share content directly related to Unitarian Universalism. Wall posts, comments, photos, and other content posted on this page are expected to be relevant and respectful.

The UUCC has the right to delete any inappropriate content from this page, including but not limited to: irrelevant content, redundant content, hateful content, malicious content, uncivil or disrespectful content, attacks or complaints against an individual, financial solicitations, endorsements of a political candidate or party, and content that violates Facebook’s terms of use, code of conduct, or other policies. Content that violates Facebook’s policies may also be reported.”

  • A designated person will manage the UUCC Facebook page.  This person(s) will monitor activity regularly and shall have the authority to create, delete and maintain the content using the following content guidelines.
  • All content posted on Facebook pages must be consistent with the mission and vision of UUCC.  Content must remain consistent with the Seven Principles and Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism. 
  • Must avoid slander, libel, violations of copyright, profanity, off-color humor, and advocacy of political candidates.
  • Must not reveal private personal information
  • Must not advertise commercial business
  • Must present information that is accurate and relevant
  • Uploaded photographs on the UUCC or minister/staff Facebook must comply with UUCC photo guidelines. UUCC, Minister and staff will make every effort to delete tagged photos that do not meet guidelines.

11. Guiding principles for use of UUCC Name

It’s important for our church to have a visible voice of presence in matters of social conscience. Recognizing that there are times when representing the church as a whole may be controversial, the following guiding principles are offered. 

The President of the Board of Trustees may authorize the use of the church’s name by the Minister, the chairs of church committees, or any member of the church when an activity meets the following three criteria.

  • The activity clearly falls within our mission and vision statements.
  • The activity is consistent with the UUA principles.
  • The activity is associated with a non-profit organization.

The President of the Board of Trustees may not authorize the use of the church’s name when an activity has multiple issues, all of which may not be supported by the above statements unless the congregation votes to approve the use of the church’s name.

The church’s name may never be used when an activity supports a political candidate.

If the President is uncertain where the activity falls within the above guidelines, the President will ask the Board of Trustees to make a recommendation as to where the activity falls within the above guidelines via a regular Board Meeting or through other communications (phone, email)

 If the President is unavailable to act, the Vice-President may act in the President’s absence. If the decision must be made in a time frame that does not make consultation with the Board practicable, the President may consult with the minister in lieu of consulting with the Board.

I.  Cancellations – inclement weather

UUCC Information regarding service changes due to inclement weather:

The UUCC Minister will consult with the UUCC Board President or Vice President to determine appropriate action during inclement weather.  In the absence of the Minister, the Worship Associate will consult with the Board President.  In the absence of the President, the Minister or Worship Associate will consult the Vice President.  

UUCC members and worship participants and religious exploration teachers are always encouraged to use their own sensibilities when traveling to church in inclement weather.  No one should feel obligated to be at church. 

The safety of UUCC Ministers, staff, members, families and friends is what matters most and always comes first. 

If there is a parking ban in effect on the streets of Augusta or the Governor has declared a state of emergency, worship services and meetings may canceled.

Notification of service changes, postponements or cancellations will be sent in an all church email and an updated recording will be placed on the church voicemail at 622-3232.  The following local television and radio stations will be notified of UUCC closing for broadcast.

WCHS 6        784-0599

WGME 13      797-1313

WMTW 8        782-0703    

Be Safe!