Buildings & Grounds

 Property is the window into the soul of the church

~Thomas G. Bandy

A. Aesthetics

Members of the congregation have worked tirelessly to renovate and improve the church property.  Stewardship and preservation is the responsibility of all church members.

Please leave the rooms as you found them.  Put items away and clean up after yourself.  If you would like to request a bulletin board or have an item hung, please contact the Building and Grounds chair person(s).

It is the policy of UUCC that no tape or nails be used to hang items in any UUCC building (church, office, annex).  This includes doors and windows.  Clips have been provided on all doors to post items at the entrances 

Please do not leave items in the coat room.  This room becomes cluttered quite quickly when people use this space for storage.  If your committee or group needs storage space, please contact the Office Administrator.

B. Building and Grounds Safety and access to buildings, including distribution of keys.


To establish a procedure to ensure that church buildings and grounds are maintained, designed and constructed to assure a safe environment for all who use it.


It is a policy of UUCC Augusta to maintain the buildings and grounds to assure a safe environment for all staff, members and visitors. Access to the church owned buildings and al its services, will be clearly marked, well lit and obstruction free.


The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for safe illumination, snow and ice removal, signage, hazard identification and removal, and maintenance of walkways and building entrances.

All areas of the buildings, walkways, and building entrances are inspected for hazards semi-annually by the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Building and Grounds Committee chair or a designated subcommittee, is responsible for ensuring that processes are in place to ensure the safety of buildings and persons within areas undergoing renovation or new construction.


All buildings are inspected with an attempt to keep them free from hazards on a semi-annual basis.

All new construction will meet Local Building Codes and ADA standards. All buildings are designed and equipped with consideration for age of the population served to the best of our ability.

Fire exits are examined for functional use semi-annually.


Keys will be distributed by the office administrator.  Copies of Key Request Form are kept by the administrator. Lending keys to others is strongly discouraged.

Suggested guidelines around who would likely need a key include:

  • Board President, Board Treasurer, Minister and Church Staff (RE Director, Choir Director, Pianist), Cleaning service, Chairs of Committees that meet regularly in one of our buildings, and organizations who regularly rent space. Keys can also be given to vendors who may need emergency access to the buildings at the discretion of the office administrator or buildings and grounds chair.
  • For those who need access to the buildings only intermittently or rarely, they should make arrangements with the office administrator to obtain and return a key after each meeting or function.

Semi-annually the log will be updated by the office administrator. Those persons who have not been in contact for that timeframe or whose need for a key has changed will be asked to return their keys. If greater than 20 of the keys are missing then the administrative assistant will notify the Buildings and Grounds Chair and Board President to determine if new locks (and which) need to be replaced. 

C. Physical Item Donation Policy

  • Any member or friend wishing to donate a physical item to the church is asked to put in writing a description of the item in some detail. (See Appendix D)
  • A recommendation will come from the appropriate committee (Finance, Building and Grounds, Aesthetics, etc) whether or not to accept the item.
  • The decision will be based on the potential use of the item, the condition of the item and how it fits with the UUCC mission, decor and fellowship activities.
  • All donated items become the property of the UUCC and will be accepted only on the condition that the UUCC has the authority to make whatever final disposition of such materials it deems suitable.
  • Donors shall receive a receipt for their donation.