A. Pathways to Membership

1. First time or one time guest

  • Guests will be encouraged to sign our guest book in the vestibule or guest card found in the pews.  Guest cards are turned in to the greeters and placed in the bag with the weekly offering.
  • Greeters will invite visitors to wear a guest name tag.
  • Guests who have signed the guest book or given a completed guest card to the usher will receive a newsletter for the next 4 months.  

2.  Newcomers

Newcomers are those guests interested in additional information regarding Unitarian Universalism or Unitarian Universalist Community Church. UUCC encourages Newcomers to:

  • Wear a name tag.  A name tag may be requested by signing your name to the list near the tags in the coat room.
  • Browse the literature racks. We encourage newcomers to take home and read a variety of literature about Unitarian Universalism and Unitarian Universalist Community Church from the racks.
  • Attend a newcomer welcome dinner held twice during the year.  
  • Add their names to the church database by contacting the Office Administrator at
  • New families with children can enroll their children in the Religious Exploration program.
  • Begin participating in the life of the church by attending open classes and church wide events
  • Considering joining the choir.  Attend the choir rehearsal on Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. or contact the Music Director at
  • Consider joining one of the Small Group Ministry circles.  This option can be discussed with Small Group Ministry Coordinator by sending an email to or by calling 445-4415.
  • Consider attending the Peaceful Heart Sangha.  The Sangha meets on Monday evenings at 6:30.  For more information please contact Marty Soule at or 685-9270.
  • When you are ready, set up a meeting with the Minister to discuss membership. Rev. Carie Johnsen can be contacted at or 632-3663.

B. Becoming a Member

Membership requirements:  You are at least thirteen years of age. You are active in church life. You make an annual financial contribution to the church. You sign the membership book.

Sign the membership book - Newcomers who are ready to become a member are asked to set up a meeting to sign “the book” with the Minister or a member of the membership committee.

Make a pledge – Signing your first pledge card is an important part of the membership journey.  Making a fiscal commitment to the congregation where you choose to worship is just one way to engage in stewardship at UUCC.  Annual dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association ($58) and the Northern New England District ($14) per member per year are paid by UUCC.

Creating community – You can deepen your connections and sense of belonging by getting involved in the life of the congregation.  Talk to a member of the membership committee, the Director of Religious Exploration or the Minister to explore where you want to begin building relationships and nurturing a sense of meaning and purpose. 

C. Annual Process for Updating Membership List

In November, the Clerk and Minister should begin the process for updating the membership list.  The process should conclude prior to reporting membership to the UUA at the end January each year.

The following steps should ensure that the list is up to date and accurate.

  1. The Minister, Director of Religious Education and Treasurer will, in turn, go over the current membership list and identify individuals who have been active at church in the past year.  Active means a member of the family is known to have participated in church life and/or made a pledge or financial contribution to the church in the past fiscal year.  This first review shall be completed within two weeks.  This first review will result in a list of people who are apparently inactive.
  2. Next the Small Group Ministry Coordinator, Membership Committee and Peaceful Heart Sangha will review the culled list to identify any members they know to have been active in the last year.
  3. After all groups/individuals have reviewed the list and identified active members, the Membership Committee will make a contact by phone or letter to those members identified as apparently non-active. The information gathered from these phone calls will be reported back to the Minister and the Clerk.
  4. The Clerk will send a letter to any apparently non-active member who did not respond to Membership Committee calls. The letter will request that they respond within thirty days if they wish to remain a member, wish to be removed as a member or wish be moved from member to friend status.
  5. The Clerk and Minister will work with the Office Administrator to update the membership list.  
  6. The Minister will report all removed members from this process to the Board of Trustees and the UUA.