Sunday morning worship is the responsibility of the settled minister, by contract, and it takes a team to create fifty-two inspiring, thought-provoking, stimulating, multigenerational and spiritually energizing thematic Sunday services every year.  The various elements of the Sunday services are completed by the Minister. In the absence of the Minister, the Worship Leader with assistance from the Worship Associate will provide the coordination.  

Service themes are selected by the Minister in conversation with the Worship Committee.  Service suggestions may be offered to the Minister, who is responsible for the worship schedule.  Suggestions for summer services may be offered to the chairperson of the Worship Committee.

A. Worship Arts Team 

  • Worship Associates - A team of worship associates support Sunday services.  Each week an associate assists the worship leader with the liturgical elements and pragmatic aspects of the service.  The worship associates meet about every 4-6 weeks to plan services with the Minister.
  • The worship associates are responsible for coordinating and assisting with filling the pulpit with quality worship once a month on the Minister’s Sunday out of the pulpit and during summer lay-led service.
  • Fellowship of Pianists - A fellowship of five pianists share in the assignments to Sunday morning services throughout the year.  One pianist takes up the responsibility of scheduling.  The pianist works as requested with the worship leader to plan music. 
  • Choir - Under the direction of the Music Director, the choir sings twice a month at Sunday Services.  The choir helps the congregation sing better, sets the tone for worship and deepens the worship experience.  The choir practices on Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 in the Sanctuary.  The Music Director meets with the Minister once a month to plan choir participation.
  • Special Music – Special music and guest musicians are coordinated throughout the year.  Selections are made based on service theme and intention as well as member gifts and talents.
  • UUCC Occasional Orchestra (UUCCOO) – This new group started in the Spring of 2011 with 11 instrumentalists, including people playing alto sax, bass, cello, clarinets, flutes, trumpet, violin and piano.  Under the direction of Dale McCormick, UUCCOO rehearses monthly alternating between Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, and will participate in worship services about three times during the church year. Musicians of all ages and levels of experience are welcome.
  • Sacred Dancers - This new ministry invites participants to move to hymns using poetic movement as well as to create original movement to “express the journey of the heart."  All ages are invited to join. 
  • Offering - Sunday offering is collected during each service.  It is the responsibility of the greeters to take the offering to the committee room to be counted and placed in the safe.  This task should be completed by two people.  It is best that these two individuals not be partnered.  The checks are gathered and the money is counted and separated by denominations and recorded on a slip that can be obtained from the right drawer of the counter in the committee room.  A money bag may also be obtained from this drawer or the lower cabinet.  After the money is counted, it is placed in the bag and slid in the deposit slot which accesses the safe.  The deposit slot is found on the side of the cabinet in the committee room (reach inside the curtain that hangs below the mailboxes and look to the left. 
  • Share the Plate – Once a month the Sunday offering is given to a local, national or international nonprofit organization. 

B. Sunday Morning Hospitality

  • Greeters – A group of hospitality coordinators under the direction of the membership committee is responsible for scheduling two Sunday morning greeters for each service.  The greeters for the first service are asked to arrive early to fold the bulletins.  Greeters are responsible for the Sunday morning offering (see note above). 
  • Hospitality - Sunday morning hospitality is coordinated by a group of hospitality coordinators under the direction of the membership committee.  Snacks on the table are contributed by members.  This is a random snack donation.  Fair trade coffee is served.  The monthly hospitality coordinators keep items (coffee, tea, sweeteners, cream, and stirrers) stocked. 

C. Summer Services at UUCC

Summer service format begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.  During this time the one service at 10:00 a.m. is led by a lay leader of the congregation.  Each Sunday a worship associate is assigned to assist the worship leader.  Sunday programming includes nursery care for children up to age four and spirit play for children between the ages of four and twelve.  A Sunday coordinator supports worship and oversees Sunday program ensuring safe congregation policies.

D. Worship Committee Policy for Professional fees for Guest Ministers (Adopted 12/2010; amended 6/2011; updated 1/2013)

At the December 2010 worship committee meeting the members of said committee and the Minister, Rev. Carie Johnsen, agreed to adopt a new practice for paying professional fees as recommended by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association guidelines to ordained clergy and clergy candidates when they serve as guest worship leaders for Sunday morning or programmed services. 

These fees will be paid from Program Expense–Worship (line item #307) in the operating budget.  The UUME recommended professional fees for sermons, other program service are $250 (one service) $300 (two services) plus current IRS mileage allowance.

E. Policy for Professional fees for Retired Ministers who are UUCC Members

  1. When UUCC (Minister or Worship Committee) asks a retired minister/UUCC member to fill the pulpit, without a doubt, they are paid according to professional guidelines noted above.
  2. When the retired minister/UUCC member asks for a pulpit date for the service they want to share, they do not get paid.
  3. When the retired minister/UUCC member co-leads service with a church group they belong to as a member, they do not get paid.

F. Church Policy Regarding Paying Guest Musicians (Adopted1/14/2013)

This is intended as a provisional policy and will be reviewed and developed by the Music Committee in consultation with the Minister, Music Director, and others interested parties as necessary.

When musicians who are not otherwise affiliated with the congregation are to be hired for special music during services (regular Sunday or special services) they will be compensated out of the music budget. Recommended compensation is $75 for a double service or $50 for a single service (per musician) which is the rate paid to Sunday pianists (as of 201-2013 church year). The Minister is encouraged to alert the individual(s) responsible for the music program budget (Music Committee or Music Director as appropriated) of the need to hire outside musicians to ensure that sufficient funds are available. It is estimated that current budget would allow 1-2 guest musicians to be hired for 2-3 occasions per church year. 

Members and friends of the congregation are encouraged to share their gifts on a voluntary basis as they are willing and able. Due to the complexity of determining who is considered a professional musician, and recognizing that there are musicians affiliated with the congregation who are regularly compensated for their work elsewhere, exceptions to this will be considered by the Minister and Music Committee on a case-by case basis.