Long-range Planning Committee


About Long-range Planning Committee

Long Range Planning has been part of UUCC since consolidation in 1992, with a focus on five-year plans. The current and previous plans are available from the Church Office.

The description of the Long Range Planning Committee is found in the Bylaws, Section 12.

Section 1. The task of the Long Range Planning Committee is to monitor and update biannually the Five-Year Strategic Plan to reflect accurately the anticipated future needs of the church. The Plan will be guided by our Purpose, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement.

Section 2. The Revised Five-Year Strategic Plan shall address the following items at a minimum: Staffing, Membership, Operating Budget, Programs, and Facilities. Items needing updating will be the primary focus of the biannual review. Prioritizing items for the biannual review shall be done with input from the Board of Trustees, church leadership, and congregation. This plan shall be used by the leadership of the church to maintain a steady and consistent course of action and direction that aligns with our Purpose, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement.

Section 3. The Committee shall consist of six (6) members elected by the membership for staggered three-year terms.  Two (2) members shall be elected each year.  A seventh member shall be a member from and appointed by the Board of Trustees for a one-year term. There shall be no term limit restriction placed on the members. The Long Range Planning Committee may use short term or ad hoc non-voting members to support work in special focus areas. Vacancies on the Committee shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Trustees, subject to approval of the Committee. Persons appointed to fill vacancies shall serve until the next membership meeting.

Section 4. The Committee shall provide a biannual planning process including the following elements:

  • Review and, if necessary, update the current Five-Year Strategic Plan;
  • Solicit input from the Board of Trustee, church leadership, and congregation to identify church needs, trends, and goal;
  • Document a consistent overall long range direction of church needs and activities, including how major church operations are working together or if improvements need to be made in church operations;
  • Present biannual revisions to the membership via the UUCC Annual Report, annual membership meeting, 5 year plan updates, and any requested reports by the Board of Trustees
  • Report to the Board of Trustees on changes needed in Long Range Planning Committee duties or functions.

Section 5. The planning process shall provide for church members:

  • to be kept informed of the work of the Committee; and
  • to have input and be consulted in the updating of the strategic plan.