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Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Augusta.  We are glad you have chosen to visit our community, participate in our religious exploration classes and/or join us for Sunday morning worship.  We hope that you will find something here to stretch your mind, touch your heart and nurture your spirit.

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  • All Church Email: Articles due by Wednesday 9:00 AM. The e-mail is sent to the Congregation late Wednesday afternoon.
  • Sunday Order of Service Announcements: Items are due to the office by Thursday 9:00 AM
  • Newsletter articles are due to by the Third Monday. The  Newsletter comes out the Fourth Monday.

NEWS: December 8, 2017. Brigid Chapin has resigned the RE Sunday Morning Coordinator.Please see her letter in the Flaming Chalice, December 2017.

See the information about the Religious Exploration Coordinator position.

To Apply: Send a letter of interest, resume and contact information of 3 references to For more information please contact Rev. Carie Johnsen at or 508-221-5295.



 Upcoming Services

Sunday Worship Services are at 9:15 & 11:00 a.m. the Sunday following Labor Day to the Sunday prior to Memorial Day. 

A single summer lay-led service is held at 10:00 a.m.

***Single 10:00 A.M. Sunday Service begins MAY 27, 2018***

Religious Exploration classes for children age 5-18 are held during the 9:15 a.m. service. There are no R.E. classes during the 11 a.m. service or in the summer months.  We welcome all ages to join us in the Sanctuary for multi-generational worship. 

Nursery care for infants and children age 4 and under is available at all services, year round.

See Upcoming Services for more details.



Sunday, June 24th

Single 10:00 a.m. Service, "The Spirit of Genre Aesthetics" Noah Gottlieb

Is the warmth and dignity of the Arts and Crafts movement only the product of convention? is the edgey innocents of the Rockabilly scene just for fun? Who writes the anxious bits of proto music for a NOVA documentary to play when some dicey engennearing effort might go expensively wrong? I’d like to get to the bottom of these questions and find the kernels of inspiration that such pearls of culture form around, because they might be formed from spirit and looking for Spirit is a churchy endeavor.

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