Other Communications

We communicate the activities of UUCC in various ways. Likewise, we provide numerous ways to receive input. Following are some additional communications practices.

BULLETIN BOARDS provide information about UUCC and its work in the community and larger world, and Unitarian Universalism.

How Our Church Works: Bulletin Boards

  • Purpose: To share information about UUCC congregational life and connect with the broader community.
  • Delineation of bulletin board space is done by the Administrator in conjunction with the congregational leadership.
  • Description of the content and the responsibility for a section will be posted for guidance in use of space.
  • People who post onto the bulletin boards are responsible for removing items in a timely manner. 
  • Administrator checks bulletin boards regularly throughout the week and may remove items.

Bulletin Boards: Descriptions.


            Welcoming/Membership –Membership Committee

            Church Leadership—Board

            Social Justice --  Office Administrator,  Social Justice Chair

            Religious Exploration – RE Staff and Sunday Morning Coordinators

            Peace Jam  -- RE Staff and Youth Advisor

Fellowship Hall

Left: Community and Church Related News – Office Administrator, Other             Members and Friends

Right: Buildings and Grounds – Facilities Committee

                        Fundraising --  Fundraising

                        Caring Community – Pastoral Care

                        Hospitality – Board Vice-President

Summer St. Entrance—Miscellaneous information -- Office Administrator, Other Members and Friends

MAIL BOXES offer a way to communicate within the congregation and to receive suggestions and information for various committees and groups. 

  • Staff and Board items may be dropped off in the basket on top of the Committee and Group mailboxes in the Committee Room. The Office Administrator will check regularly and deliver items to appropriate mailboxes at Judd House. [rev. from Council meeting]
  • Committee and Group mailboxes are located in the Committee Room in the church building.
  •  Items to be picked up by members and friends may be placed in the general mail box/basket on the counter in the Committee Room with the name of the person to pick it up clearly identified.  Please inform people when you leave something, and check to see if items have been picked up.

All staff, leaders and committee chairs are reminded to check boxes regularly.  These boxes are not intended to be storage spaces.  Please let the Office Administrator know if you would like an additional storage space for your committee supplies. 


  • The Directory is published quarterly (such as September, December, March, June after Annual Meeting) by the Administrator from the UUCC data base.
  • Each person is responsible for updating information with the Administrator.
  • The Directory is sent to Members and Friends electronically as a PDF file.
  • Members and Friends of UUCC may obtain printed copies through the Church Office.

PUBLICATIONS AND BROCHURES are available in the front hallway for both UUCC activities and Unitarian Universalism.