The website needs to be updated regularly in order to be an effective communication tool. Following are updates that have been made on the website recently. Keep looking here for ongoing status information.  

Updated Dec. 17, 2018

Visitors: Newcomer Meet and Greet has been added

RE/Adult Programs: Information for “Book Group: Reading, Learning, Sharing” and “Making Peace with Money” have been added

Goddess/Earth Circles: The brochure in the vestry has been added to the site.

Governance: Discernment Team description has been added.



(From How Our Church Works, 1. Administrative, 9 Website)

The UUCC Website has two primary functions:

--Inviting people who are searching for information about Unitarian Universalist  and/or a connection to come and see what we have to offer.

---Providing a communication network and prominent resource for people who are already involved with UUCC.

The information on this website is written by those involved with the respective programs and committees, and/or taken from UUCC publications, including the Program Book and How Our Church Works.

Following privacy and Safe Congregation practices,

  • Contact information may be used only when an individual's permission is obtained. The exception is for UUCC staff, where name, e-mail and phone number may be listed. Sending an article or announcement with personal information included will be considered consent.
  • Personal information submitted by a second party will not be included unless the second party has provided written or emailed consent.
  • Additional contact information may be available in the church Directory for members and active friends.  Request for that information can also be made through and will be forwarded to the individual.
  • Photos of activities involving people will not include identifying information, unless permission is specifically given by the person.

For a more complete policy regarding identification of individuals and use of pictures see the accompanying sections for administrative policy.


Get Involved: Use the website and let the Website Work Group and Administrator know how it works for you. While we may not be able to accommodate all suggestions, we would like to make it as user-friendly and comprehensive as possible and feasible.   

The website is managed by the Website Work Group, the Administrator, and the Webmaster. Contact: Address below in the page footer.