How Our Church Works

The overall governance of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church  in Augusta is found in the Bylaws and various policies, procedures and forms for implementing the activities of the congregation. These are included in the publication How Our Church Works.  The focus of policies when the congregations consolidated in 1992 was on safe congregations. The original version of How Our Church Works was published in 2011 to address cultural changes of technology, personal identity, and safety guidelines for various situations. Policies and procedures, from becoming members to reserving and renting space, and from committee and program descriptions to congregational staffing, were added over the years as a way to be more transparent. It is a great manual for understanding how we can work together.

 Printed copy of the 2017 revision is available at the following locations:

     Committee Room by the Mail Slots

     Drew House by phone (Kitchen area)

     Judd House—Minister, Administrator, and Religious Exploration office

Previously, we had the content of How Our Church Works on the website itself. To allow for easier update of information, we are uploading the total document, and the respective parts. You can download the sections that you might want.

How Our Church Works 2017

Table of Contents  The following sections noted in the total contents have been broken out separately.

I. Theological Statement on Congregational Polity (Governance)

II. Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church

III. UUCC Committee Descriptions & Group Functions

IV. Administrative

V. Board of Trustees

VI. Building and Grounds

VII. Financial

VIII. Membership

IX. Worship

X.  Religious Exploration Health and Safety Policies for Children and Youth

XI. Small Group Ministry (SGM)

XII. Right Relationship & Safe Congregation  

    Please see section F. Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Plan

XIII. Minister and Staff Professional Code of Ethics

APPENDIX – Forms and Practices

     May 2018 Room Rental Agreement (Replaces Appendix B)