Congregational Goals

Our Congregational Goals developed from our work as part of the UUA’s Leap of Faith Initiative in church year 2013-2014.  As an “aspiring congregation”, or one that is working on issues, we were partnered with a “mentoring congregation” or the one that has been through the Leap of Faith Program to address challenges and changes. 

The challenges/changes may be described in two ways.  Technical challenges/changes are modifications in operations or structure for which people already have, or can find. The solution is known somewhere and can be provided.  Adaptive challenges/changes are problems that are not amenable to resolution by expertise or standard operating procedures. Solutions generally lie outside the current way of operation. .

UUCC’s adaptive challenge is: To articulate who we are and our purpose in a way that inspires a people of faith toward a sustainable future.  As a result of the Leap of Faith program, the following Congregational Goals for 2014-2015 were approved at the Annual Meeting June 2014:

"By the end of the three years, we will have achieved the conditions of the goal." The outgoing board approved these at its last meeting. The incoming board is tasked with developing a plan for implementation with strategic, actionable steps and charges for individual members and committees. The congregation has voted to accept these goals at the last congregational meeting. The goals are

  •  (Sustainability) "We are a congregation where the sustainability of the congregations' time, talent, and treasure are intentionally balanced within the spectrum of church activities, faith formation, worship, and governance."
  •  (Inspiring and Engaging) "We are a People of Faith who intentionally, courageously, and creatively engage our membership and our community. We seek to inspire and be inspired."
  •  (Interconnectedness) "We are an interconnected community committed to age diversity and family ministry."
  •  (Communication) “We are a congregation that is transparent in its decisions and actions. We strive for communication that is abundant, clear, compassionate, and inclusive."

 Details of the Leap of Faith year are in the Flaming Chalice for that time period and the Annual Report 2014.

Following is brainstorming from the Leadership Retreat, September 6, 2014. Each Committee is asked to review and focus on:


1.Shift focus and mission of fundraising to community building and faith engagement Budget met by pledges, endowment, rental fees, etc.

2.Engage people so they don't leave the church, helping them find where they belong, helping them feel they belong.

3.All members of UUCC pledge, at least enough to cover UUA and district dues.

4.We engage everyone who wants to be engaged, rather than always drawing on "the usual suspects", we find ways to get others involved in time/talent commitments.

5.We are financially able to expand our paid staff positions-RE, Music, Admin.

6.In 3 years—25% growth

7.100% pledging-everybody at least $10.


1. Survey congregation to identify unmet needs within geographic area-UUCC would be

working on issues that inspire and engage the congregation.

2. Identify other groups we can join forces with—UUCC would have strong partnerships with other organizations in the community.

3. Attendance at service, functions, Adult RE, RE, guests

4. More congregation participation in service and classes-distributed responsibility for Inspiration 

5. Committee Chair meetings more consistent and better follow through

6. Increased coordination of social justice

7. Greater visibility-talk about, pamphlet

8. Dynamic leadership

9. Clarity around what we do as a church

10. Leadership training on an annual basis

11. Coffee hour no longer awkward

12. "Outsiders" come to see what we're up to -"Bring a guest day"

13. All people in Kennebec County will be aware of the UUCC and UU values through the UUCC's public social justice actions, community voice, presence in the news as a vibrant caring community and overall UUCC positive mojo.

14. Expanded opportunities for worship in addition to Sunday morning

15. Public events where UUCC appears as a large group in UUCC T-shirts.

16. UUCC in news for positive actions we are proud of.

17. Congregation is full.

18. SGM groups openly accept new members—explore the break up every year and reconvene new group model.

19. We will have a full sanctuary for Sunday services.

20. We will have other opportunities for communal worship.

21. We will have activities of a wide variety in community settings that are open to anyone and begin and end with a brief moment of worship.

22. Small groups will be numerous and open to anyone who wants to join.

23. Many activities will be offered to include entire families.


1.Recognizable goals for committees to work on together

2.Age diversity and Family Ministry: Identifiable measures:

  Newsletter column by kids

  Family participation in church services-greeting and fellowship

  Kids invited onto committees

  But, realize that committees tend to be adult created, identify and created kid centric church  committees/groups

  How might kids work in membership to welcome children?

3.I would like to see our church community emulate "family" or our past where members were valued from cradle to grave

4.In our church we will respect, value, nourish, and support all members.

5.Shared ministry: all individuals and groups will work with a diverse demographics

6.Living a shared ministry by working collaboratively with more than one other groups or person -no one works alone—from at least one other groups or demographic (age, interest, class, race,...)

7.Our work together is about connection and  relationship.

8.Younger and older—Ask what they want to see in not only services, but in community

9.Find ways to get more involved

10.Able to start new things based off of what you learn/see

11.Draw in younger and older, families of past, all ages respected

12.Respect and nourish everyone who wishes to join us.

13.Times to share passions, awareness, etc. with others in our community (not during service)


1.In 3 years the website would serve as a dynamic tool for communication and information

2.More people would have access to their particular page and update it regularly.

3.The staffing, committee structure and responsibilities and relationships within and outside the church will be clearly defined and accessible to all.

4.Documents will be updated and available on the internet.

5.There will be computer access in the church so those without can see or refer to these documents which can be printed on request. All members will know where to go and who does what.

6.Calendar more user friendly and online, paper, posted

7.Have more varied input to newsletter and Soul Matters packet

8.Expansion of Fellowship Hall will allow space for communication verbally, electronically, and posting.

9.Communication flow to Admin. Office is consistent with timely feedback.

10.Networking with other UU churches in Maine opening up more opportunities for sharing ideas and resources.

11.Financial information easily accessed.

12.All committees work known and reported on so the congregation has a good idea of all that's being done.

13.Less paper correspondence, but still available for newcomers and those who don't use the internet.

14.Board agenda publicized as well as minutes and outcomes.

15.Semi-annual "ask the board" meeting

16.Program Council, leadership council meets more often.

17.More robust public, political presence.

18.Record and distribute sermons.

19.Documentation of Events: Pre-goals and reasons; Post: reflection-what went well, or did not and why.

20.Who was involved and how-internal to congregation and/or external for community.

21.Communicate the documentation and use to analyze and move forward.