Small Group Ministry


About Small Group Ministry

Our church has a vibrant Small Group Ministry (SGM). Groups of up to ten adults or youth meet once or twice a month to discuss and explore issues of spirituality. Small Groups have become an important part of life in our religious community. Participants have established new and deeper connections with one another and have found a place for religious exploration and spiritual growth.

If you are interested in learning more about Small Group Ministry, see Small Group Ministry Participant Handbook or take a copy from the hallway racks. You may also contact our minister or the SGM Coordinator, Luke Curtis at

Session begins with opening words, followed by an opportunity for group members to check-in about significant life events that have occurred since the previous gathering.  This is followed by time for discussing the topic for the session, using an outline provided by our Topics Group, from the Small Group Ministry Network or created by a group member.

Each group identifies a member to serve as the liaison  to the Small Group Ministry Coordinator and Committee.

Some groups meet in members’ homes and some meet at the church. Early in the life of a group, a covenant is created to define right relationships within the group, covering such areas as attendance, confidentiality, staying focused on the topic, how to listen during the check-in, and whether or not to serve food.

Our groups began in 1999.As space allows new group members are welcomed into existing groups. When there are enough people to create a new group a leader is trained and a new group is formed. There are also opportunities to experience small group ministry via open Sunday and short term topic specific groups. Explore your faith and share your spiritual journey with others



Meeting Information

Meeting Information

Small Group Ministry meetings occur and at various times of the day and evening. Meetings may occur at the church or in other locations. Participation in a group is on a planned basis through the SGM Chairperson.

The Small Group Ministry Committee meets about monthly.

Meeting times are on the church calendar and in the Announcements.

Following are some specific items developed by SGM.

SGM was actively involved in the exchange between UUCC and Wales congregations in 2018. The Wales to Maine Connection includes: 1)the article written for the national UU SGM Network publication, Covenant Group News, in December 2018; 2) the UUCC SGM Session Plan, UU Around the World (Sept. 2018; and 3) the Sunday service (Oct. 2018).