Policy for Supporting Healthy Group Dynamics in Small Group Ministry

Theological Grounding for Policy

The Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Augusta honors the inherent worth and dignity of all members, friends and guests.  UUCC wants to support the religious diversity and spiritual growth of members and friends through by encouraging open and inclusive groups where individual expression and group dialogue fosters respect and celebration of shared, different and divergent ideas and experiences.  To this end, the following policy has been developed to support right relationship in small group ministry and respond to concerns regarding group dynamics. 


When conflict or other concerns about group dynamics arise within a small group, the individuals involved should attempt to resolve the problem through open, respectful dialogue.  If the issues are not resolved promptly and do not involve the group leader, the issues should be brought to the attention of the group leader for further attempts at satisfactory resolution.  All attempts at resolution should be guided by the theological grounding principles described above.

Issues that are not resolved within the group should be brought to the attention of the SGM Coordinator by the group leader.  If the group leader fails or refuses to do so, any SGM member with ongoing concerns may contact the SGM Coordinator. 

The SGM Coordinator will share the information received with the SGM Committee, and together they will, again based on the principles described above, determine and undertake any intervention necessary to resolve the ongoing problem.  The Coordinator and Steering Committee may consult the Minister and/or the Committee on Ministry for guidance.

If in the judgment of the SGM Committee, group dynamics have deteriorated to the point that the group can no longer function in a way that meets the purposes and goals of the SGM program, the Steering Committee may disband the group.  The SGM Coordinator will refer any members of the disbanded group who wish to continue in the SGM program to another group when openings are available.

Notification and follow-up:

The SGM Committee shall implement the forgoing policy thereafter and may review and amend this policy as needed, but in any event, no less frequently than every 2 years.