Monique McAuliffe

Religious Exploration Coordinator


Monique McAuliffe has been a volunteer at UUCC helping to run the Peace Jam and Senior Youth programs for several years.  Her passion for providing ongoing program opportunities to all of the children and youth at our church is evident. She has seen how important these experiences have been for her own children’s spiritual growth. Monique values each individual’s unique contribution to their church community and beyond as the UU principles are explored through Coming of Age and put into action through Peace Jam both locally and globally. Monique has led the homeschooling of her four children and valued the individualized opportunities available through that type of experiential education.

Nearly 5 years ago (in approx. 2014, she stepped up to the new challenge of serving in a staff position, continuing the Peace Jam programs which are very familiar to her and leading the implementation of the Coming of Age program as a new venture. One of Monique’s greatest strength as Youth Advisor is her commitment and dedication to ensuring these UU programs are available to all of our young community.

About a year ago (2018) Monique stepped up to run all Religious Exploration programs including the Sunday Morning program and supervising our nursery as our Religious Exploration Coordinator.

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