Theme-Based Ministry

THEMES FOR 2019-2020 : What does it mean to be a people of.......

September: Expectation         October: Belonging            November: Attention          

December: Awe                     January: Integrity              February: Resilience

March: Wisdom                     April: Liberation                 May: Thresholds

June: Play


The Theme based ministry began at Unitarian Universalist Community Church in September 2013. The minister collaborates with a variety of committee members and resource circles to ensure monthly themes are relevant and engaging for multiple age groups and across generations.  We envision a community where people have something in common to talk about over several weeks simply because they attended worship or small group ministry or a class on a common theme.  We envision building an interactive multigenerational community where friends and members of all ages have something to break the ice, build connections and deepen spiritual practices.

What were the themes selected? Trusting in the collective energy and creativity of an invested community, members and friends of UUCC were  invited to gather and bring forward ideas for themes.  The topics for the first two years evolved through a process of brainstorming and grouping themes. In  2015-2016, we started adopting the themes of the Soul Matters Circle with 130 congregations, with a few modifications for specific UUCC focuses.

See the listing of the UUCC monthly Soul Matters Packet, which is available at church on the first Sunday of the month. The Soul Matters Packet is also sent electronically with the Wednesday or a special e-mail. The packets are for internal use by UUCC and are not on the website when based on the copyrighted material from the Soul Matters Circle. The packets will be available from the church office.

A Soul Matters packet is your invitation: 

  • To explore theme-based spiritual practices.
  • To encounter the complexity of living a moral life.
  • To wrestle with life’s many contradictions.
  • To practice intentional and guided spiritual and theological reflection. 
  • To mine the moments of your life for wisdom, courage, hope and love.
  • To cultivate conversations that open the heart and soul to our common humanity.
  • To swim beneath the surface of daily life and engage in conversations that matter.
  • To meet human longing by cultivating connections and a sense of belonging.

As we explore monthly theme, you are invited to go as the way opens.  Be curious. Allow yourself to be surprised by what you find.  Share it with someone you meet along the way.  Have fun and keep your spirit dancing with life and all that you encounter along the way.

The Soul Matters Packets are created by Rev. Carie Johnsen. Thoughts are gleaned from the Soul Matters Network and the UUCC Resource Circle. If you would like to share your experience and wisdom for future packets, please email  This could be

  • readings,
  • quotes,
  • movie & book recommendations,
  • YouTube videos,
  • poetry,
  • Small Group Ministry Sessions
  • and -- best of all -- your personal reflections about what you've learned about the of the topic.

Also, Carie would love your ideas for provocative questions that challenge us to work the theme more deeply into our daily living, and any ideas for a great spiritual exercise related to the theme.

Small Group Ministry Sessions are available for many of the Themes, hopefully at the beginning of the month, and frequently based on the Soul Matters Packet. The groups also create their own sessions from the Packet.