Maine Unitarian Universalist Social Advocacy Network


About Maine Unitarian Universalist Social Advocacy Network

In a denomination that is characterized by social activism, we are called to bring our values to bear in the public arena – in the State Legislature, in the news media, in the development of policy, in the pursuit of justice. And they do influence legislation and public policy.

Realizing that we cannot take on every issue and solve every problem, we have chosen three areas of public policy on which to focus our initial interest:

Democracy in Action, including voting rights, electoral processes, such as Instant Runoff Voting, and Clean Election laws.

Health Care, including costs, insurance coverage, MaineCare, implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and Single Payer options.

Climate Change, in all its likely guises, including rising sea levels, radical changes in agricultural practices and yields, and effects of higher temperatures on land values and the tourist industry.

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