Other Local Initiatives


About Other Local Initiatives

Kennebec Valley Organization (KVO) is a consortium of religious organizations, union locals and social service agencies that gather to identify community needs and design strategies to effect public policy decisions addressing those needs. UUCC has been actively involved with KVO, and our currently focus has been on maintaining and strengthening services to senior citizens throughout Kennebec Valley.

Economic/Worker Justice. In the spring of 2011 the UUCC Board of Trustees voted to be a public ally for issues of worker rights justice. There is no identified contact person at this time. If you are interested in leading in this area contact Rev. Carie Johnsen. Information regarding particular events or advocacy work will be found in the Flaming Chalice.

Family Violence Project. The congregation has a long history of partnering with Family Violence Project (FVP) to foster education and raise awareness around issues of domestic violence, elder abuse, teen dating violence, and bullying. We support the vision of FVP through share the plate, adopting a family during the holidays, and educational events.

Augusta   Food Bank   (AFB)  provides residents of Augusta and   Manchester with groceries to help bridge     the   gap   between their  current circumstance   and   adequate nutrition.  UUCC members    generously donate food, money, their time volunteering at the food bank and serving on the board of the AFB.    For  more  information on  how  you  can   donate or get involved  please watch  for details in the  church bulletins and newsletter  or contact the UUCC representative to the AFB.

Neighbor   to  Neighbor Partnership:  UUCC partners with  members of  The 209   Church  (formerly St. Mark's  Episcopal  Church  and Prince of Peace  Lutheran) as well as  unaffiliated volunteers, to help reduce hunger and poverty in the local neighborhood. UUCC members generously support the following  Outreach Center programs (formerly St. Mark's Parish  hall): First Saturday Public  Suppers, the  Augusta  Food  Bank, Addie's Attic clothing bank and the Essentials Pantry. 

Capital Area  New Mainers  Project   is  a cross- cultural organization that welcomes   immigrants  and  works  to create  a thriving, integrated, multicultural community in central
Maine.  The  mission of the project is to help secondary refugees (those refugees  who  were settled in one U.S. location and  moved from  that location to the Capital Area) with housing, education        (adult & public), transportation, food, furniture &  housewares. UUCC was a founding member of  CANMP  and  supports  a Mentor Team  to help a primary refugee family adjust to their new life in Augusta. Many   people from the Augusta  UUCC are members   of
the group and are involved in activities to meet its mission. Information regarding particular events or advocacy work will be found in the Flaming Chalice and announcements.

Uniting for Racial Justice:  Making   Our  Way Together To Conscious  Engagement
 Racism is pervasive and racial injustice requires of us a  willingness to stay tuned in, informed, ready to take risks, make mistakes, be called out on our white privilege and do better. Our
Unitarian Universalist principles and history call us to close the gap between  our values, our actions and our beliefs. People of   color living across the nation need us to stand in solidarity as
comrades  in the work to dismantle racism in all its insidious,   nefarious and sundry forms.

Our efforts to support the work of the Maine Wabanaki-State Truth  and Reconciliation Commission  and the Maine Wabanki REACH has offered multiple ways for members  of UUCC to reflect, engage  and advocate for the first people of Maine. UUCC is a  host site for REACH Ally trainings in central Maine. Several  members  have completed  the training. Stay informed about future ally trainings by reading the Flaming Chalice newsletter  and Weekly  E-blast.