About Membership

Membership is a journey of belonging. It is a way of participating more fully in the life of the congregation. Membership enables you to vote during congregational meetings, and to help shape the direction of our spiritual journey together. Members are invited to share responsibility for the congregation, through our gifts of time and resources, as we are able to participate.

To become a member, we ask that you express that intention in a visit with the minister or a church representative, and through signing the membership book.

Activities related to Membership —

  • For Newcomers and Friends, there are events throughout the year to hear about what UUCC has to offer and how to become involved.
  • Two times a year, during a Sunday morning service, we have a New Member Ceremony to welcome the newest members of our community.
  • The Membership Committee works with the Church Office to keep the Membership and Friends contact information current.

Getting Involved:

  • Whether you are visiting for the first time or a long-time member of UUCC, wearing a name tag helps in communication among older and newer people in our community.
  • Fellowship Time Sunday mornings provides opportunity for connecting with people that you have not met previously or do not know as well. Have you spoken with at least one person that you have not met before or know well?
  • The UUCC Directory is published in hard copy every few months, with updated information. This is available at Sunday services. Updates may be included in the Newsletter and the weekly (Tuesday) announcements. Keeping the office informed of changes in our contact information is essential for ongoing communications.
  • Invite a visitor or newer member to join activities in the congregation.
  • The church depends on the involvement of its members and friends, from greeting each other on Sunday morning, to assisting with special events. Read the Flaming Chalice (newsletter) with a focus on how to be involved.

Contact Information:

To become a member, contact Rev. Carie Johnsen, the Chair of the Membership Committee or the church office

To change your contact information, contact the Church Office, admin@augustauu.org

For More Information about Membership and Visitor Services: Membership Committee

Also see How Our Church Works, IV. Membership