Facebook Policy

Unitarian Universalist Community Church understands and respects the importance of keeping up with advancing technology in communication including social media.  To this end the following practices and policy have been adopted to guide UUCC Facebook users. 

This statement follows that of the Unitarian Universalist Association:

“The UUCC welcomes all people to contribute to conversations on this page and to share content directly related to Unitarian Universalism. Wall posts, comments, photos, and other content posted on this page are expected to be relevant and respectful.

The UUCC has the right to delete any inappropriate content from this page, including but not limited to: irrelevant content, redundant content, hateful content, malicious content, uncivil or disrespectful content, attacks or complaints against an individual, financial solicitations, endorsements of a political candidate or party, and content that violates Facebook’s terms of use, code of conduct, or other policies. Content that violates Facebook’s policies may also be reported.” 

More details about the policy and practices are available in How Our Church Works, IV. Administrative, I.10 Face Book