Staff Holder


D70 0439

Bridget Convey

Music Director

For the past 27 years, Bridget has worked as a church musician. Currently, she performs regularly with the Resinosa Ensemble, the VentiCordi Chamber Ensemble and the Maine Music Society. Bridget serves as adjunct faculty at Bates College. She lives in Hallowell with her husband, son and two dogs.


Claire Curole

Affilitiate Minister

A UU minister serving in the wider community maintains connection to a UU congregation through an agreement of affiliation. The UUCC board approved this affiliation with Claire Curole in October 2019 with her work as a chaplain. The covenants with the congregation and with Rev. Carie are on the bulletin board in the vestibule.


Monique McAuliffe

Religious Exploration Coordinator

Monique McAuliffe began as volunteer at UUCC with Peace Jam and Senior Youth programs for several years. Her passion for providing ongoing program opportunities to all of the children and youth at our church is evident. She has seen how important these experiences have been for her own children’s spiritual growth. Monique values each individual’s unique contribution to their church community and beyond as the UU principles are explored through all our Religious Exploration programs.

lynn smith

Lynn Smith

Office Administrator

Lynn M. Smith started as the Office Administrator for the Unitarian Universalist Community Church (UUCC) of Augusta December 1, 2014. She has been an asset to our community for about 5 years now and has recently been promoted to Church Administrator as she continues to serve our community in more ways than ever. She is a resident of Augusta.