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NOW!   DINNER FOR TWO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! The Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Augusta (UUCC) will conduct the 2018 “Dinner Anywhere in the World” Raffle drawing at UUCC on Tuesday, January 1, 2019, at noon.  We will notify the person who purchased the selected raffle ticket (the “Winner”) by phone and/or email, as provided on the winning ticket stub, on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

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CONCERT: The Rosinosa Ensemble

Saturday, November 10, 2018, UUCC

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Financial resources for the activities and work of UUCC come from a variety of sources, especially through Pledges, Fundraising, and Special Funds. 

Pledging  The greatest portion of the cost is covered by our Sunday offerings and annual pledges towards the program budget. Members and friends make an annual pledge as part of membership and commitment at UUCC. We pledge based on the fiscal year from July 1 - June 30. The pledge campaign begins in the spring for the coming year, so while many of us are still making contributions on the current year, we are asked to forecast our pledge for the next year. We need this data to plan the Program Budget for the coming year.

Pledge payments can be mailed or placed in the offering plate during Sunday service. You can schedule payments over the year. Cash should never be mailed, but it should be put in an envelope clearly marked with PLEDGE and your full name before you place it in the offering plate. When using a check, note PLEDGE under Memo on the check.

The expenses of the congregation are year-round. We can make ensure that our pledges are paid throughout the year.

Specific Funds: We have several investment accounts at UUCC. The Endowment Account is invested for a consistent annual distribution to be used for church operating expenses and long-term appreciation. The Future Facilities Account developed in the early 1990’s related to property as the two previous congregations consolidated to form UUCC, and provides some funding for the ongoing work of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.  

Individuals and groups are encouraged to organize Small Fundraising Activities. The number of people who are volunteering has increased and we hope that this continues. How have you been involved? What ideas do you have for Fundraising? Participate, help publicize, and support these activities. 

Getting involved in one of the many fundraising projects at UUCC is a great way to get to know the members of the congregation. With the variety of monthly projects there is sure to be something you will enjoy participating in. Examples of past events have included Public Chowder Luncheons, Concerts, Travelogues, Dessert Theaters, Auctions, Hannah's Boutique, Inside/Outside Yard Sales, a Kayak Outing, French and Georgian Dinners & Films, a Square Dance, Craft Fairs, a Vegetarian Dinner, Annual Pie Sales, a Whoopie Pie Festival, Raffles and the publication of The Fellowship of Food, our UUCC cookbook.

The new Hannaford Gift Card program is an on-going fundraising project and a great way to support the church while feeding your family. The cards are sold in assorted denominations and can be purchased during Fellowship Hour. The gift cards can be used in any Hannaford store to pay for your purchases and the church receives a 5% bonus from Hannaford

In 2011, UUCC adopted a practice of using 10% of Fundraising income to help support the programs and work of the Social Jus­tice Committee. This money directly benefits local justice initi­atives.

Consider UUCC in wills and Planned Giving arrangements. This helps to ensure the presence of Unitarian Universalism in Augusta.

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