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About Finance Committee

Oversees the financial health of the congregation so that we can live out our mission, including several subcommittees: The Stewardship, the Fundraising, and Invested Funds. The responsibilities and activities of the Finance Committee are found in the See Bylaws Article 13, Finance Committee 

Responsibilities and activities:

  1. Prepare an annual budget proposal for consideration by the Board of Trustees after soliciting input from the minister, church staff and the Board of Trustees. The first draft of the budget will be available for the board’s April meeting, and the Finance Committee will make any revisions before the board’s May meeting, in preparation for the June annual meeting for the fiscal year beginning July 1.
  2. Lead the annual canvass of the membership, through the Stewardship Subcommittee with a designated chair, and reporting on the status of annual pledges to the Board at intervals prior to consideration of the budget.
  3. Meet at least quarterly throughout the year, and, where necessary, make recommendations to the Board concerning adjustments to the budget.
  4. Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding whether to conduct an independent audit or financial review or compilation of church financial records.
  5. Create a Gift Acceptance subcommittee.

The chair of the Finance Committee is selected through the Leadership Development Committee and serves on the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer serves ex officio on the Finance Committee.

Liaison to the Long Range Planning Committee will be maintained through a designated member of the LRPC. When necessary, the Finance Committee and the LRPC or their chairs may meet jointly during revisions of the UUCC five-year plan.

 The STEWARDSHIP SUBCCOMMITTEE conducts the annual canvass and is designed to function as part of the Finance Committee.

 The FUNDRAISING SUBCOMMITTEE conducts events each year for the support of the UUCC annual budget.  Events are also intended to build community among congregation members.

 Responsibilities and activities:

  1. Conduct both recurring and special fund-raising events.
  2. Consult with the Finance Committee or Treasurer to propose a fund-raising goal for the following year.
  3. Inform members about fundraising events through the newsletter, announcements, and bulletin boards.
  4. Publicize events to the broader community.
  5. Coordinate the calendar with the Social Activities Committee and  others, as needed.
  6. Recruit members to assist with events.

 Chair selected by the Leadership Development Committee. The chair recruits additional members or helpers for specific fund-raising events.

 The INVESTED FUNDS SUBCOMMITTEE manages the financial investments of UUCC in a fiscally and socially responsible manner, as defined by the board of trustees.

Responsibilities and activities:

  1. Develop and implement a written plan for managing investments, revised annually and submitted to the board for approval.
  2. Provide information and consultation with the Treasurer at least quarterly.
  3. Consult with the Finance Committee during its preparation of annual budget.
  4. Advise the board of trustees in all matters relating to financial investments.

One member is chosen each year through the Leadership Development Committee. At least three members, each serving a three-year term.

Meeting Information

Meeting Information

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Finance 101, Part 2, Immediately after 2nd Service in Sanctuary, Duration :1 hour. Presentation and Question and Answer session presented by the Board and the Finance Committee.