Annual Meetings

The Annual Meeting of the UUCC is held on the first  Sunday in June, frequently in conjunctio with the morning service. Details are given in the Bylaws #7 Membership Meetings:

Section 2. An annual membership meeting shall be held on the first Sunday inJune of each year.  Copies of an Annual Report (containing reports from the Minister, Director of Religious Exploration, Clerk, Board of Trustees, Treasurer, Collector, Comprehensive Long Range Planning Committee, and other active committees, election information, and by-laws) shall be made available at the church 10 days before this meeting. Budget and end-of-year financial materials shall be available at this meeting.

The business shall be:

  • to elect Officers of the church, Members-at-Large of the Board of Trustees, and Chairs of all standingCommittees, except the Committee on Ministry.
  • to hear the Minister’s annual report and other reports scheduled by the Board;
  • to vote on the proposed annual budget of the church; and
  • to transact any other necessary business for which notice has been given.

June 4, 2017 Annual Meeting Annual Report     Proposed Budget

June 5, 2016 Annual Meeting Annual Report     Proposed Budget

June 7, 2015 Annual Meeting  Annual Report    Proposed Budget