Session Plans

The UUCC Session Plans have been developed over the years by the minister, by individuals within the congregation, and by a Topics Committee. 

The listing of UUCC Small Group Ministry Session Plans is designed so that you can select by clicking on Title or Topic. Session Plans that do not have a Topic listed are general. We may add other Topics and the directory continues to build.

Session plans have been published by UUCC, are found on the UU Small Group Ministry Network website ( ,  and are available in various publications.

Theme Based Ministry and Small Group Ministry (SGM)  Groups are invited to engage the monthly worship themes via the Soul Matters Packet.  The packet is designed to be used with the current structure of chalice lightings, readings, questions and closing words.  Groups may choose to use one packet for the entire month or for one of two sessions during the month.

OPENING WORDS can be found in:

     Opening Words and Other Wise Words that are included in the Packet.

 CHECK-IN/SHARING can proceed as it always has 

 TOPIC/DISCUSSION   can be found in

   Questions to Walk With (as members talk about what they have learned)

   Spiritual Opportunities (as members individually or collectively choose an activity and talk about their experiences )

 CHECK-OUT/LIKES AND WISHES   can proceed as it always has

 CLOSING WORDS   can be found in

     Closing Words and Other Wise Words that are included in the Packet.


See Soul Matters Packets.

Title Topic Credit Year
A People of Faith (Download) People of Faith (c) Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Augusta, ME 2014 2014
Create Your Tree (Download) Beginnings 2014
Filling Your Life Jar (Download) 2014
Blessing-of-the-Animals-Final.doc (Download) Celebrations 2013
Chalice of Our Spiritual Journey (Download) UU Sources 2013
Compassionate Communication: Respect and Compassion (Download) 2013
Composting as Spiritual Practice (Download) Beliefs 2013
Darkness (Download) Holidays/Celebrations 2013
Honoring Our Connection. Expanding Universe (Download) Honoring Our Connection with the Universe 2013
Honoring Our Connection. Soul Matters Packet (Download) Honoring Our Connection with the Universe 2013
Advent Gifts (Download) Holidays/Celebrations 2012
Compassionate Communication: Attitude (Download) 2012
Habits & Rote (Download) 2012
Holy Days of Fall (Download) Holidays/Celebrations 2012
LIving Our Greatness: Radical Inclusion (Download) Stewardship 2012
Prayer (Download) Beliefs: Prayer 2012
Compassionate Communication: Connection (Download) Communication 2011
Covenant (Download) Small Group 2011
Diversity Without Adversity: Politics (Download) Witness 2011
Elders as Models (Download) Life Passages 2011
Retirement (Download) Life Passages: Elders 2011
Earth Day (Download) Holidays/Celebrations 2010
Are You Our New Minister (Download) Congregational 2009
As a Minister Leaves (Download) Congregational 2009
Atheism (Download) Beliefs 2009
Come, Join Us (Download) Small Group 2009
Heterosexism (Download) Witness 2009
Congregational Change (Download) Congregational 2008
Approval (Download) 2003
Bitterness (Download) 2003
Curiosity (Download) 2003
Failure (Download) 2003
Guilt (Download) 2003
Affirmation (Download) no date
After a Vote (Download) Witness no date
Anger as a Useful Tool (Download) no date
Asking for Help (Download) no date
Attachment (Download) no date
Beauty (Download) Arts no date
Being Courageous (Download) Witness no date
Belonging (Download) Congregational no date
Change (Download) no date
Conscience (Download) no date
December Holidays (Download) Holidays/Celebrations no date
Desire (Download) no date
Dreams (Download) no date
End of Time (Download) Beliefs no date
Ethics (Download) no date
Experience of Music (Download) Arts no date
Faith Without Certainty (Download) Unitarian Universalism no date
Fathers (Download) Holidays/Celebrations no date
Forgiveness (Download) no date
Friendship (Download) no date
Glass Half (Download) no date
Honoring-Our-Connection.Earth-Centered.doc (Download) Relations no date
Hope.rtf (Download) no date
Hospitality-of-Food.docx (Download) no date
How-Can-I-Help.docx (Download) no date
How-Could-Anyone-Ever-Tell-You.doc (Download) no date
How-Do-We-Do-Church.2.09.doc (Download) no date
Humor-Or-What-Makes-You-Laugh.docx (Download) no date
Humor-Through-Our-Ages.docx (Download) no date
Images-of-the-Gooddess.doc (Download) no date
Imbolc.doc (Download) no date
In-Praise-of-Social-Visionaries.doc (Download) no date
In-Praise-of-the-Imperfect-Life.docx (Download) no date
Is-Anything-Sacred-Rev.docx (Download) no date
It-Matters-What-We-Believe.docx (Download) no date
Jesus-Rev-11.09hz.doc (Download) no date
Life-Purposes-and-Events.docx (Download) no date
Life-Souvenir.docx (Download) no date
Living-and-Dying.doc (Download) no date
Living-Faithfully-Web.doc (Download) no date
Living-Our-Greatness.Building-Prophetic-Church.doc (Download) no date
Living-Simply-5.doc (Download) no date
Living-Through-Loss-3.doc (Download) no date
Living-With-Fear.docx (Download) no date
Longing-and-Fulfillment-in-Maturity.doc (Download) no date
Love-Not-Fear-Practices-Here.doc (Download) no date
Loving-With-Integrity.docx (Download) no date
Masks.doc (Download) no date
Mentors.doc (Download) no date
Mission-Statement.doc (Download) no date
Mittens-and-Gloves2.doc (Download) no date
Money-Web.doc (Download) no date
Mothers.doc (Download) no date
Moving-From-Doing-To-Being.doc (Download) no date
My-Spiritual-Practice-Revised-86.doc (Download) no date
Mystery-of-Healing.docx (Download) no date
Mysticism.docx (Download) no date
Names-and-Spaces.rev.doc (Download) no date
Of-Goddesses-and-Gods.docx (Download) no date
On-Lying.docx (Download) no date
Our-Gifts.docx (Download) no date
Our-Own-Ministries.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolecents.What-Has-Changed.-Covenant.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents..docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents.Anger.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents.Attitude.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents.Celebrating.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents.Independence.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents.New-Rules.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents.Remembering-Your-Adolescencs.docx (Download) no date
Parenting-Adolescents.Remembering-Your-Child.docx (Download) no date
Perfection.docx (Download) no date
Personal-Myths.docx (Download) no date
Pets.Companions-for-Life.web.doc (Download) no date
Pets.docx (Download) no date
Poetry.doc (Download) no date
POWER-OF-MYTH.docx (Download) no date
Power.docx (Download) no date
Question-of-God.docx (Download) no date
Questions-for-a-Welcoming-Congregation.doc (Download) no date
Racism.docx (Download) no date
RADICAL-HOSPITALITY.doc (Download) no date
Relations-and-Aging.docx (Download) no date
Retrospective.docx (Download) no date
Reverence-for-Life.docx (Download) no date
Rising-to-Life.Easter.doc (Download) no date
Road-Not-Taken.doc (Download) no date
Roots.doc (Download) no date
Sacred-Moments.doc (Download) no date
Sacred-Space.doc (Download) no date
Salvation.doc (Download) no date
Science-and-Religion-85.doc (Download) no date
Secrets.doc (Download) no date
Sermon-Discussion.doc (Download) no date
Service.doc (Download) no date
Sexuality.doc (Download) no date
Shared-Pain.doc (Download) no date
Simply-Put.doc (Download) no date
Sin-of-Gluttony.doc (Download) no date
Sin.doc (Download) no date
Speciesism.doc (Download) no date
Spirit-of-Heartache-and-Hopelessness.doc (Download) no date
Spiritual-Goals.doc (Download) no date
Spiritual-Longing.docx (Download) no date
Standing-On-the-Side-of-Love-5.2012.doc (Download) no date
Story-of-Your-Life.doc (Download) no date
Strengths-of-Our-Heritage.doc (Download) no date
Stuff-of-our-Lives.doc (Download) no date
Success.doc (Download) no date
Summer-Spirituality.docx (Download) no date
Symbols-of-Our-Faithfinal.doc (Download) no date
Taking-a-Stand.doc (Download) no date
Taking-Stock.doc (Download) no date
Tapestry-for-the-Holidays-Later-Life.doc (Download) no date
Thanksgiving.doc (Download) no date
The-New-Year.doc (Download) no date
The-Origin-and-Meaning-of-the-Bible.doc (Download) no date
Thinking-Mind.doc (Download) no date
Timelines-Web.doc (Download) no date
To-Be-or-Not-To-Be-a-Parent.doc (Download) no date
To-Find-Peace.docx (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalism-and-Christianity.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting10.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting11.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting12.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting2.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting3.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting4.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting5.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting6.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting7.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting8.doc (Download) no date
Unitarian-Universalist-Principles-and-Parenting9.doc (Download) no date
UU-SOURCES.doc (Download) no date
Wabi-Sabi.doc (Download) no date
Water-of-Life.docx (Download) no date
What-Do-UU-Jokes-Say-About-Us.docx (Download) no date
What-is-Radical-About-Hospitality.doc (Download) no date
What-Makes-a-Ministry-Strong.doc (Download) no date
What-We-Love.docx (Download) no date
When-Community-Is-Disrupted.docx (Download) no date
Where-to-Live.1.To-Move-or-Not-to-Move.docx (Download) no date
Where-We-Live.-2.-Living-Into-the-Decision.docx (Download) no date
Where-we-live.3.-What-Now.docx (Download) no date
Wilderness-and-Wildness.doc (Download) no date
Wisdom.doc (Download) no date
Work-Turner.doc (Download) no date
Worship.doc (Download) no date
Wrestling-With-Angels.doc (Download) no date
New Beginnings: Aspirations and Obstacles (Download) Personal no date
Shaky Skaters (Download) Personal no date
Solitude: A Gift for Ourselves (Download) Personal no date